Jane Dodds MS

Sewage Vote: Conservative’s Ignored Welsh Public for a Second Time

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservatives of watering down proposals to tackle river pollution as the UK Government sought to push through a weakened version of the environmental act last night.  

Commenting Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said:

“Last night the Government ignored millions of people who demanded action to save our treasured rivers and lakes. This is a slap in the face for what has been one of the boldest and more inspiring environmental campaigns in recent years.

"We needed to see legislation with real teeth today which gave water companies hard deadlines and targets. Instead, we have a flimsy new law that won't be strong enough to hold water companies to account.

“This is yet another betrayal of the Welsh population by the Conservative Party that has been pushed through despite the visible upset it was causing a majority of the country’s population.

"I will continue to demand stronger and more immediate action to get our rivers, lakes and seas cleared up, including levying larger fines against water companies refusing to follow the rules. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will stand up for all those who took part in this inspiring environmental campaign."


Want to tell the Government their actions over sewage in our waters aren't acceptable? Sign our petition here:


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