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Lib Dems unveil £50bn rebalancing fund to invest in Brecon & Radnorshire

By Digital Directorate, Dec 07, 2019 10:12

Bank notes and coins.

The Liberal Democrats have announced the creation of an ambitious £50 billion fund to make sure Welsh communities get their fair share of infrastructure investment.

The Liberal Democrats, who are fighting their campaign on a platform to Stop Brexit and build a brighter future, have earmarked £50 billion to reverse chronic under-investment from the Conservatives.
Jane Dodds has said it is "vital our communities are not left at the back of the queue".
This £50 billion ring-fenced by the party will go towards major, sustainable infrastructure projects, such as increasing the availability of charging points for electric vehicles and improving broadband access. 
Jane Dodds, Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Brecon and Radnorshire, said:
"For far too long people have seen our area miss out on the vital investment we need. Successive governments, be they red or blue, have failed to listen to local needs, neglected our public services and hung our communities out to dry.  
"People deserve better. It is vital our communities that we are not left at the back of the queue.
"That is why the Liberal Democrats are prioritising an ambitious £50 billion rebalancing and growth fund. If re-elected, I will fight tooth and nail to make sure this money is invested in communities across Brecon and Radnorshire.
"That is the brighter future our communities deserve, not the uncosted promises of the other parties."
Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Ed Davey added:
"Any form of Brexit, whether red or blue, will make Britain’s economy weaker and people poorer. 
“Neither Labour or the Tories can square their spending promises today with the cost of Brexit. They are writing promises on cheques that will bounce.
“In contrast, every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit, build a brighter future and invest billions into our vital public services.”

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