Jane Dodds

Jane says: No-deal Brexit would cause immense damage to NHS

"No deal needs to be taken off the table, immediately and for good."

By Jane Dodds, Jul 03, 2019 3:07

Last week, I visited Hereford County Hospital with Sir Vince Cable.

Many people in Powys rely on the hospital in Hereford for routine and emergency healthcare. I’m deeply worried about the effect Brexit is having on the ability of our NHS to provide top quality care even now.

The message we got from staff on this visit was clear – the uncertainty that Brexit causes is already harming our NHS.

It's deeply concerning to watch the Conservatives ignore the calls of healthcare professionals in their negotiations with the EU. It's time for no deal to be taken off the table.

As I spoke with several members of staff at the hospital I kept hearing the same concerns, again and again. Our NHS staff work incredibly hard to provide the high quality of care that we deserve.

But they're worried - worried of the uncertainty that grips Westminster and cascades onto the rest of the country. They know the immense damage that leaving with no deal will inflict on our healthcare service.

No deal means chaos at our ports, leading to shortages of vital medication after the first six months. It also means prolonged austerity, at a time where countless NHS trusts are starved of funds to the point of breaking.

Everyone has a right to quality healthcare that's free at the point of use - we won't let Conservative negligence take that away.

I hope that whoever succeeds Theresa May will take responsibility. No deal needs to be taken off the table, immediately and for good.

It's one of many reasons why I'm campaigning to become Brecon and Radnorshire's next MP. We must demand better than a damaging Brexit that will do so much harm to our health services.

NHS trusts are already having to pour time and money into preparing for no deal. These are resources that are already stretched thin - and should be being used to treat patients.

Our welfare, the welfare of our loved ones, is too important to gamble with. Powys deserves the highest quality of healthcare available - and as an MP I'll work to deliver that.

Liberal Democrats will continue to resist a destructive no deal Brexit and the consequences it brings. I hope voters in Brecon and Radnorshire will put their trust in me to do so, come 1st August.

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