Jane Dodds MS

The Conservatives are shortchanging our farmers

By Digital Directorate, Dec 30, 2019 5:12

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The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised the UK Conservative Government following its announcement showing Welsh farmers will receive less financial support than they currently get from the EU.

At present farming subsidies from the EU, mostly distributed under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), amount to around £350million a year for Welsh farmers. This represents more than 80% of average farm incomes in Wales.

The Government's new announcement outlined a £2.85billion funding package to replace EU funding, in which £231million is allocated to Wales.

This represents a drop of up to £120million, roughly one-third of the money currently received from the EU, and only covers the next years funding.

During the election, the Conservatives made numerous pledges to support Welsh Farmers and guarantee existing funding would be matched.

Jane Dodds, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Brexit is already threatening the livelihoods of our farmers, especially given the threat of no deal at the end of 2020. They need certainty and security, not less support and additional barriers to trade.

"It is therefore incredibly concerning that the Conservatives are exacerbating this by planning to shortchange Welsh farmers to the tune of £120million. 

"This is a far cry from the grand promises that were made to Welsh farmers and is just another case of Conservatives saying one thing at an election and then doing another afterwards.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats demand better for our farmers. The Conservatives must honour their commitment to guarantee existing funding in full and stop playing political games with our farmers' futures."

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