Jane Dodds MS

Jane Dodds MS responds to Shropshire Maternity Scandal Report

Responding to the Ockenden Report into the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust maternity scandal, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader and Senedd Member, Jane Dodds commented:

“The families involved have suffered years of pain resulting from the consequences of this scandal and they have been extremely brave in bringing these issues to light.

“Women and families across Montgomeryshire, Shropshire and Wales and UK as a whole, should have a much safer experience when they welcome their babies into the world.

“It is absolutely vital now that the UK Government listens to the findings of this review and acts upon the recommendations. This sort of scandal must not ever be allowed to happen again.

 “I would also hope that the Welsh Government pay close attention to the findings as a body with a stake in the healthcare system of Shropshire, but also to make sure the findings are taken into account for maternity services that fall under direct Welsh Government control.

“We owe it to the families involved to ensure that the tragic deaths and harm caused were not in vain.”

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