Jane Dodds MS

Jane Dodds MS leads fight to end profit making from the care of vulnerable children.

Jane Dodds motion to remove the provision for profit-making providers from the children's care sector yesterday passed the first hurdle to change the lives of vulnerable children in Wales. 

The proposal debated this Wednesday called for a fresh look at the regulation, monitoring and commissioning of children’s residential care and children and young people with learning disabilities or other neurodiversity. 

Jane Dodds said, “Many young people living in residential care have had difficult life experiences and should have access to the support and care they need.  

“We must do more to create a genuine care system based on the needs, aspirations, and voice of individuals. Children and young people deserve no less. 

“While it’s disappointing that more Members of the Senedd did not support the motion, I’m pleased we are another step closer to removing the ability for private providers to profit from the care of vulnerable children. 

In the debate, Jane shared personal stories from young people in the care system, many of whom felt like commodities. Jane commented: “This is about the wellbeing and care of children and young people, and it has a huge impact on their futures.   The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has been calling for action on this issue since 2017 and in her 2020 annual report stated that, to date, no significant leadership had been shown by Welsh Government on this matter.   

“This motion has sent a signal to children and young people in care wherever they are that we hear them and we’re listening.” 

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